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LED greenhouse grow lights


LED grow light bulbs for small to large-scale greenhouse environments and hydroponic growing operations

Our high power, dimmable LED grow lights are specifically designed for indoor growing in conditioned greenhouse environments with little or no daylight. Using patented ceramic LED technology, the lights feature high energy efficiency, low power consumption, uniformed light distribution and adjustable spectrum for maximum growing capabilities.

Greenhouse Light Specialties offers high-performance LED grow lighting solutions for vertical farming, commercial greenhouses, indoor farming, hydroponic growing, and more. Contact us for more information on a customized solution fit for your growing environment.


LED Grow Light Features

  • Patented ceramic LED technology, LED chips are mounted directly onto the ceramic body, no PCB.
  • High quality LED light source, high luminous efficiency, 90% of the light can be absorbed by plants and flowers, life expectancy up to 50,000 hours.
  • Revolutionary heat dissipation system, high power efficiency and low power consumption.
  • High quality aluminum die-casting shell, no fans, no plates. All materials meet the requirements of environmental protection.
  • Uniformed light and spectrum distribution. Each LED chip is mounted in a circle providing uniformed light and spectrum distribution.
  • Intelligent control on lighting spectrum, individually adjustable Red, White, Blue dimmers allow precise 3-channel spectral control, meeting various plant growth applications.

How do we know the greenhouse lights work?

Because we use them in our greenhouse! 

For the past two growing seasons Tyler has been using the LED lights in his greenhouse–where he grows hydroponic produce and garden mums on his farm in Northern Ohio. He is a graduate of the Ohio State Universities Agricultural Technical Institute in Greenhouse Production. Tyler has been growing garden mums since 1996 while working for various greenhouse companies in the industry. In 2012, Tyler was the winner of GroLink Plant Company’s “Who can grow the biggest Belgian mum” contest. Tyler has extensive wholesale and retail experience within the industry.

Let’s Get Growing together

Contact Tyler for more information and a customized quote for all your LED grow light solutions.